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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween Make up Tutorials - Sugarskull and Skull

Illamasqua has always been one of my favourite make up brands, not only are they completely cruelty free (no nasty testing on animals going on over here!), they also make make up for my skin tone! Winning! I am pale (shocking I know) and whilst most other make up brands think this means generic white, Illamasqua know better. 

My Grandparents hail from India so whilst I have pale skin it's definately not white, skin base foundation 3 matches my skin perfectly. 

When the lovely girls at Illamasqua asked me and the hubby to model for some halloween tutorials I jumped at the chance! Spending the day at H/O was awesome fun and getting professional halloween make up done has supplied me with loads of tips for my own spooky creations!  

Watch the full tutorial videos here

What do you guys think? Good/Bad halloween looks?
Tag @honey_pop in your Instagram photos if you attempt the tutorials so I can see.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Unicorn bags and all the Saunt & Sinner

Got Milk?

It's true, summer is over! I managed to catch the last rays of sunshine leaving work and it seemed the perfect opportunity to snap some photos of my new Dolls Kill unicorn bag. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and with a name like 'the legend dairy bag' it was hard to resist! 

My entire outfit is from the latest collection by Scottish designers Saunt & Sinner. Mini skirts are going to be massive for AW and with the scalloped detailing this will see you through to summer 15'. And don't get me started on the silk tshirt, the pattern makes me think of the chicest tie dye, like a Chanel dress had sex with a hippies tshirt and gave birth to this little miracle. Paired with baby blue flats this outfit will take you from office to afterparty, but probably not Karl's house.

Skirt - Saunt & Sinner
Bag - Dolls Kill
Watch - Caravelle
Brogues - Bellfield

Friday, 17 October 2014

When you accidentally dress like a bottle of Arizona Green Tea...

Sometimes you leave the house thinking your just wearing a nice floral outfit, and then you realise your dressed as a giant bottle of Arizona Green tea.... 

Two Piece - Vesper Dresses
Shirt - Glad Rags Thrift Store
Bag - Nica
Boots - Stye Edit

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The perfect printed trousers

There's an easy way to lift your spirits on a rainy day, pop on some patterned trousers! Paired with a black silk shirt and some gold sparkly brogues this is an easy day to night outfit and as a plus it's super comfy!  

Shirt - COS
Belt - ASOS
Bag - Primark
Trousers - Lashes of London
Brogues - The Style Edit

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My top picks from the latest Abandon Ship Apparel release

There are few things that make me as happy as a new release from Abandon Ship Apparel. The brand always fire out strong forward thinking designs and this drop is no different, I have pulled together my top 10, divided into two outfit grids and a board. 

The first outfit is basically to showcase the new Tattoo Flash Skater Skirt. All the profits from the skirt go to the Charity Social Bite, which provides meals for the homeless, check it out it's a pretty ingenious scheme! The tshirt is called idle hands and it just reminds me of the emoji and I love it! 

The second outfit is pretty much going to be my go to for NY comicon, hand of god 2 tshirt with sayagata shorts (which can be worn on the hip or high waisted, like two shorts for the price of one!) and the team logo beanie.

In my opinion the sin eater tshirt and the polka dot tshirt look best worn oversized, the lights tee looks awesome as a short dress! As much as I hate to say it, winter is coming, and jumpers and hoods will be more than necessary, the zig zag is super simple and the wheel hood pretty much goes with everything.  

Top Outfit 
Aero Beanie £15
Idle Hands Tshirt £25
Charity Tattoo flash Skater Skirt £35

Bottom Outfit:
Team Logo Beanie £15
Hand of God 2 Tshirt £25
Sayagata Shorts £30

At sea Tshirt £25
Lights Tshirt £30
Zig Zag Tshirt £45
Wheel Zip £50

What do you guys think of the new release?